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Disneyland Paris and The Earl of Sandwich


You might be surprised to discover that Disneyland Paris is not only really popular for its rides and Disney attractions but because it also has a huge food court with a huge choice of restaurants.

You don’t have to enter the Disneyland Park to access the restaurants. If you’re driving the car parks are close by or you can take a train. Access to all the restaurants is free and easy. It’s a popular option with locals and Parisians who hop on the train in Paris or stations close by and alight at the station of Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy (about 45 mins from Paris), a two minute walk from the Disneyland Park.

Disneyland visitors can nip and out of the Park to eat at the restaurants and there’s a wider choice here than there is inside so it’s a popular option.

Disneyland Paris isn’t a cheap day out, you’ve got tickets to buy, food and drinks to buy and, if you’ve got kids, the chances are that you’ll have to buy a costume, toy or souvenir. Some people take food with them, but it can be a bit of a bind. Heavy to carry and on a warm day the food gets warm too!

The Earl of Sandwich Disneyland Paris

earl-of-sandwich-disney-having-funYou might be wondering what on earth the aristocratic British family of Sandwich has to do with Disney in Paris!

In 1762 the then 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, was playing cards. In those days there was no such thing as a sandwich as a food item. However, the Earl who didn’t want to stop playing cards commanded his servant to bring him two slices of bread with beef in between. He started a fashion, other people asked for “the same as Sandwich” or “bring me what Sandwich had”. The name stuck, the “sandwich” was born.

Today’s Earl of Sandwich, the 11th and also John Montagu, says of Earl of Sandwich, “Our family knows about great sandwiches: we invented the sandwich and have been eating sandwiches since 1762.” In fact one of the best sellers at Earl of Sandwich Disneyland Paris is a beef sandwich called “The Original 1762”.

Eating at the Earl of Sandwich at Disneyland Paris is an excellent option for those who want wholesome food with a great choice ranging from healthy options like salads (the Caesar salad is delicious) and soups to wraps and sandwiches, the best of British with an American flavour and a hint of French!


It’s the sandwiches though at this restaurant chain that they’re famous for not surprisingly. The food in the Disney Paris Earl of Sandwich is really reasonably priced, much less than burger bars close by. It’s also made fresh. Nothing is kept prepared and waiting, the hot sandwiches are made and cooked when you order but it doesn’t take long, a few minutes only, these guys know what they are doing.

If you fancy something a bit more substantial, ribs, pasta and pizza are on the menu and for those who crave a breakfast bun – that’s available all day long! I recommend you take your food up to the first floor where you have great views over the lake and on a fine day the terrace is superb.

The staff are very friendly and it’s a colourful, fun place to take the kids.  Spoil them with an Earl of Sandwich chocolate brownie. When I asked my kids what they liked best about their trip to Disney, those chocolate brownies were in the top ten!

The Earl of Sandwich Disneyland Paris is not overpriced, it is friendly, clean, tasty and the choice is great. Plus you can get free WiFi!


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