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Disneyland Paris Discoveryland Review

 Space Mountain Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Discoveryland  is very popular with kids – especially kids that like loud attractions! This area of Disney in Paris certainly has the most popular rides – and the biggest queues and certainly seemed to be the place that the older kids (adults!) liked best in the whole park.

The main attractions are:

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast – ride and fire laser guns, lots of lights and noise, based on Toy Story – seemed to be enjoyed as much by adults as kids! You can use the Fastpass option to save queuing but remember – you can only get one Fastpass ticket at at time, you have to use the current ticket to get issued with another.

Space Mountain: Mission 2 – Exciting ride, not for children or those of a nervous disposition (I refused to go on – way too scarey!) and has a height restriction of 1.32m, very popular so get your FastPass option sorted and go and enjoy another ride until your time slot comes up.

Star Tours – one for the Star War fans, a height restriction of 1.02m and its popular so – use your FastPass option. A bumpy ride and a chance to met R3D2!

Orbitron – rocket inspired carousel ride

Autopia – 1950s style car ride on a track and unaccompanied kids need to be 1.32m and over.

Les Mystères du Nautilus – Jules Verne based feature “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” – a walkthrough Captain Nemo’s submarine.

Captain EO – Michael Jackson’s music and a special effects 3 D science fiction film starring Captain EO – Michael Jackson – thrilling for Jackson fans and actually the film is really impressive.

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