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Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Park Review

 Toon Studio Disneyland Paris

Right next to Disneyland Paris Park you’ll find the Walt Disney Studios Park. Opened later than the original Disneyland Paris and with far less visitors it’s still the second most visited theme park in Europe – the one next door being the no. 1 tourist attraction in Europe!

The aim is to give visitors an insight into the world of cinema and television featuring rides, shows and interactive attractions.

We went along with guests – a grandfather, his daughter and four year old granddaughter Lexie to make sure we got a real feel for its attractions to all ages – everyone loved it. There’s something for kids of all ages at Walt Disney Paris and we didn’t allow enough time to see it all – a whole day here is definitely required to make the most of it.

Buzz Lightyear Disneyland Paris

There are four studio Lots at the Walt Disney Studios Park

Back Lot

Great special effects and stunts involving cars! Definitely appealed to the older members of the group.

The Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith is a thrilling ride and not for small children (height restriction 1.2m) – it’s very popular so use your Fastpass option to avoid the inevitable queues.

The Armageddon Special Effects attraction was amazing

Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular is a show in which bikes and cars are involved in stunt rides, guns are shot and its all acted out as if being filmed. There’s fire, loud noise, people falling out of windows, bikes and cars skidding all over the place – fantastic if you love that sort of thing!


Slinky Dog ride Disneyland Paris

Toon Studio

Definitely for children this one, based on the work of the master animators of Disney.  Lexie who is four absolutely loved this one – she knew most if not all the characters and was starry-eyed to meet them. Favourite ride – the giant Slinky Dog spin!

Toy Story Playland – a fabulous, larger-than-life very colourful playground and the giant Buzz Lightyear was a terrific sight.

Flying Carpets over Agrabah ride is a carousel ride but seems to be very popular, especially with young children so there is a Fastpass ticket option to help you cut the queuing time

Crushes Coaster – a rollercoaster ride has height restrictions so not for little children; Toy Soldiers Parachute drop has a height restriction of 0.81m and is quite fun unless you hate heights and the RC Racer is horrifying if you don’t like heights and fast paced rides.

There are plenty of attractions, from Cars Race Rally – racing car ride – suitable for everyone but little ones need to be accompanied to Animagique – animated character show with old favourites like Donald Duck. There’s a chance to have a go at drawing a cartoon yourself in the Art of Disney Animation area, its a really innovative exhibition that teaches children about how cartoons are made, interactive and plenty to keep everyone in the family happy.

Front Lot

Wander up Hollywood Boulevard and be prepared – you could be in for a surprise as actors suddenly move into place, film crews arrive and start shooting a film.

Plenty of places here to grab a bite or a coffee and watch the world wander by.

Enjoying the ride at Disneyland Paris

Production Courtyard

A chance for you to try your hand at lighting and special effects… as the aim of the Production Courtyard at Disney in Paris is to reveal the secrets of film sets, studio life and costumes.

The Stitch Live! Interactive animation attraction takes place every 15 minutes – and lasts 15 minutes. Don’t miss it – it’s a very clever piece of animation wizardry that has a cute alien interacting with the audience.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is very popular (Fastpass option available) – if plunging down 13 storeys into the gloomy depths of an eerie abandoned hotel sounds like fun to you – then you’ll love this. Height restrictions apply and advisable not to do it straight after eating!

Disney Playhouse Live is very much aimed at small children  but it’s also a chance for a sit down!

The Studio Tram Tour takes you on a bus ride through a studio set with special effects including explosions, fire and earthquake and kids really loved it!

Disneyland Paris Park review

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