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English language professional tax advisers in France

For British expats in France, professional and unbiased tax advice can make a real difference to your finances – and your quality of life. Like anywhere else, getting tax paid on time, and getting all the details right is essential in France. And that’s where you may want help and professional advice – the devil is in the detail. And the detail isn’t always easy to discover for British expats who aren’t used to French administration, and how time consuming it can be to deal with.

Luckily, help is on hand. Kentingtons are a qualified tax and investment advice company who have decades of experience helping British expats in France with all aspects of tax. Property wealth tax, income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and succession law – Kentingtons can help you with French tax in all forms. They’re regulated in France by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the French financial regulator. This is the only financial regulation of importance for anyone moving to or living in France.

And if you’re considering moving to France, Kentingtons can help you sort out your finances so that you arrive with everything in good order for a worry-free start to your new life. When you move to France with the intention to live there, you become a tax resident the day after you arrive. This makes you liable to pay tax on worldwide income, gains and real estate wealth, various tax treaties in place also need to be accounted for.

And if you intend to remain in France for a significant amount of time, it is vital that to check your tax status, to be sure that you do not fall foul of the rules.

Plain English – and peace of mind

It’s true when people say that French administration is bureaucratic on another level! And when it comes to tax, the system can be complicated, time consuming and downright frustrating. That’s where professional support can make a real difference. You may need help with your tax in France. You might not want to spend hours dealing with it. Or perhaps, you just want the peace of mind that comes from working with an expert. Kentingtons can support you with every aspect of your tax requirements in France. They provide jargon-free plain English reports so you always know exactly where you are with it all. And you’ll deal with the same person each time. Someone who knows your situation and ensures that you get the best advice possible.

Kentingtons offer national coverage throughout France and the UK. Their expertise can help you make the most of your finances. They will make sure your tax requirements are dealt with in a timely manner and with no mistakes. Peace of mind, tax sorted.

Contact Kentingtons to find out more about their services and book an initial, free consultation: Kentingtons.com

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