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French & Cultural immersion course in Burgundy

Beautiful chateau with gorgeous gardens in Burgundy

When it comes to learning French, nothing beats an immersion course in France. Without distractions, you can focus on getting to grips with French, whilst you also get to know France.

LaPont Language and Cultural Immersion Programs offer a superb autumn course in Burgundy that’s all about learning French by immersion whilst you experience authentic France. This is a gourmet adventure with stunning 17th century chateau accommodation in a superb location in Saône-et-Loire.

Burgundy – cradle of French gastronomy

Burgundy is a food and wine lovers delight and during your immersion you’ll be able to indulge in the region cuisine’s most delicious flavours. The chateau’s in-house chef will prepare superb dishes with local fresh produce paired with local wines. You’ll dine at restaurants from authentic auberge to Michelin star and enjoy wine tasting sessions at vineyards. And you’ll also taste authentic Bresse cuisine, as this area is famous for its Bresse poultry, which has achieved international acclaim for its quality and unique taste. You’ll have a picnic at quaint medieval village where you can feast on the sights as well as the produce. Plus you’ll visit markets (including one held under Roman arches) and taste specialities with the locals! And you’ll enjoy a cooking class and learn how to make the famous boeuf Bourguignon and a sublime tarte aux pralines.

No French region would be complete without its very own cheeses! Burgundy is famous for its pungent Epoisses, the limited edition Citeaux with only 100,000 cheeses being produced from the monks’ 75 cows, and smooth and creamy Soumaintrain cows’ cheese. And don’t miss the local favourite Le Charolais goats’ cheese which is one of the many PDOs (Protected Designation of Origin) product held by regional producers. Or Comté, a hard cheese from neighbouring Jura, Franche-Comté

Burgundy in the fall

In the fall, the landscapes of Burgundy take on the most beautiful colours of the year; just as the grape harvest comes to a close, the vineyards come to life with blazing colours, creating a superb mosaic. It’s a great time to taste the wines of Burgundy, sparkling crémant, vin jaune, a unique wine from the Jura, and the local star Chardonnay, which you’ll get to taste at a nearby vineyard.

This is a wonderful time to experience the culture of Burgundy. Sunny days, cooler nights, and the summer crowds have departed. Learning French is also about the culture, the history and the heritage. You’ll visit museums, wineries, a magnificent 16th century Royal monastery, and chateaux – as well as enjoying the local countryside and vineyards that surround your chateau home.

Delicious Lyon

The LaPont 10 Day French Immersion in Burgundy Program concludes with an overnight stay at a boutique hotel in the heart of Vieux Lyon. Lyon is renowned as one of France’s gastronomic capitals, and there’s no better place to discover the authentic French Cuisine culinary scene. The intimate farewell dinner, for the small group will be hosted at one of the Michelin-starred chef Paul Bocuse Restaurant, which overlooks the Saône River.

Learning French

Being immersed means you’ll quickly learn phrases. It’s so much easier to remember words, when all around you are people helping you to learn and wanting to learn with you. Small group, small classes based on your level (you’ll be assessed on the first day) and you’ll soak up the lessons alongside the culture. You’ll practice French not just during lessons at the chateau, but you’ll have a chance to use your new and improving skills as you enjoy all the many glories of Burgundy.

You might be surprised by just how much you learn while you’re having so much fun discovering the very best of France.

Places are limited. Find out more and book your place, visit: lapont.com/forthcoming-tours

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