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French Estate Agent words and phrases

A few commonly used terms that estate agents (immobiliers) in France use:

Abri – shed

Appartement meublé – furnished apartment

Deux-pièces – one bedroomed apartment

Cave – usually refers to a cellar rather than a cave though there are cave dwellings in some parts of France such as the Dordogne area

Cave à vins – wine cellar

Château – Grand country house, stately home or castle

Domaine – an estate, for instance private estate around a grand country house or a housing estate

Gîte – accommodation to rent.  Can be self-contained building, attached  or even in the main house – basically a holiday let building

Grenier – loft

Grenier à grain – grain loft

Hôtel paticulier – large town house, mansion but definitely not a hotel although it sounds like it.

Longère – a long rural building, often single story but not always for instance a farm house or barn is commonly called a longère

Maison à colombage – Half-timbered house

Maison bourgeoise – large stately looking houses usually constructed for the well to do of yesteryear

Maison de Maître – Master’s house – like a maison bourgeoise, elegant town house

Manoir – Substantial country house

Pigeonnier – dove cote

Premier etage – first floor

Pavillon – modern house with cellar and garage on ground floor and accommodation above

Serre – greenhouse

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