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French Facial Expressions


French facial expressions – or how to speak French without saying a word!

5 Minute French Lesson

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with a French person will know that facial expressions are important. The famous shrugging of the shoulders and the pfft sound are so typically French.

French people are famous for never admitting when they are wrong, but they may pull a face which admits to it! Here is how to perfect that look, as well as the “I am bored” and “You are crazy” face and lots more!

In just 4 minutes and 22 seconds, here are the top ten facial expressions in French – it’s very funny and very true and, even if you don’t speak French you’ll be able to communicate using the same expressions. 

One of the most recognisable signs is the  “I don’t believe you” expression which involves blowing raspberries – a gesture that you see (and hear) everywhere in France.

And… who can not know about the Gallic shrug!

Research in Paris showed that almost 55% of communication in Paris is apparently non-verbal.

Oh, and the gesture for “I think you’re crazy” – don’t try that in Germany, it’s considered an awful insult!

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