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French Style Valentine’s Day

French Valentines Card

Paris is often called the City of Love and many of us dream of spending Valentine’s Day in France with our loved one.

If you can’t be in Paris or France on the day you can still have a French style Valentine’s Day chez vous with just a few props and an injection of a bit of oh la la style:

Valentine’s Day meal – French style

If you’re staying in and cooking for a loved one getting the meal right is a key requirement and preparation is critical – make it light, tasty and something you know the other person will enjoy.  No point in making moules marinière if your partner doesn’t a) like fish or b) thinks that mussels look like aliens – however romantic it might sound to you!

Don’t make any of the courses so heavy that you can hardly stand afterwards let alone be romantically inclined. There are plenty of classic French recipes in our French Cuisine section if you want some ideas for traditional French starters, main courses and desserts – we think a Coeur a la crème desert is just perfect to end on…

Valentine’s Day Wine – French  Style

Champagne is traditional of course and why not! We asked the wine experts what wine to have on Valentine’s Day – whether it’s a traditional three course or a box of chocolates!

Valentine's Day France

Prepare the room French style for Valentine’s Day

Candles –A candlelit room is definitely more romantic, pop a tea light candle in a glass and tie a ribbon round it  for an just a hint of candle light!

Flowers –  it’s more French to have a smaller bunch of something very pretty than a big showy bunch – tie a small posy with ribbons to make it look really special

Set the table as nicely as you possibly can with a table cloth – red and white gingham is very Parisian, gleaming cutlery, shining glasses, wicker bread basket, and an ice bucket for the champagne or wine.

Play some French romantic music – La Vie en Rose is perfect!

Leave a Valentine’s Day card on the table – in France they are called carte d’amitie, and a box of French chocolates or gorgeous pastel coloured macarons and tell your loved one “Je t’aime”.

As we say in France: Bonne Saint Valentin… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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