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How to cook snails in garlic butter

snails in garlic butter served in their shells

Snails in garlic butter are the ultimate French appetiser and they’re actually quite easy to prepare at home. You can cook and serve them in shells but I like them cooked in a special snail gratin dish. If you don’t have one, use an oven proof dish to suit.

Snails are a much loved dish in France. It’s said that the French eat a whopping 500,000,000 snails every years.  There are loads of ways to cook them but the classic way is in a garlic sauce made very green with lots of parsley. You can cook them in the cleaned shells, in a special snail dish or in a dish small enough to keep the sauce bubbling over the snails.

How to cook snails in garlic butter for two people

100g Unsalted Butter
2 Garlic cloves finely minced (if you’re a real fan of garlic – add another clove or two!)
1 Shallot finely minced
1 Tablespoon finely chopped parsley
12 Canned snails (rinse and dry them)
1 Tablespoon bread crumbs
Generous pinch of salt
Salt and pepper for seasoning

How to prepare snails in garlic butter

In a saucepan over a medium heat add a little butter and the shallots. Then, season with the salt and pepper and cook gently for 10 minutes. Put the snails in a gratin dish, or similar.

In a separate bowl mix together the butter, garlic, parsley, salt and breadcrumbs.

Spoon a teaspoon of the garlic butter over each snail (or, if you’re cooking in the shell, cover the snails with the mix).

Put in the oven at Gas mark 4/180 deg F/230 deg C for 10-12 minutes. (up to 15 minutes maximum if in the shell).

Serve this scrumptious snail dish while it’s still bubbling – guaranteed to get you an “ooh la la”.

Mop the garlic butter up with a hunk of crispy French bread and toast with a glass of Champagne.

Read about the British snail farmer in northern France who is wowing the French.

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