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How to sell your French property when you can’t get to France

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We’ve had lots of people asking us about selling their second home in France when they can’t get there to meet an agent or get the house sales-ready. In these days of Covid, when travel is restricted for many, selling your house in France when you can’t visit, might seem like a tough requirement. But it doesn’t have to be. New technology such as virtual tours, drone footage, WhatsApp live tours, 3D plans, online meetings and e-signatures (which mean you don’t have to be present in person for the signing processes), have changed forever how the property industry deals with the buying and selling process.

Top tips for selling your house in France without being present

Selling property without being present isn’t uncommon. Especially for second homeowners who live too far away to take frequent and expensive journeys. But for most of us, though we hand the keys to the agent for showings, we’re used to meeting an agent to share details, get the house ready and to be there at some point to sign documentation and hand over. Nowadays that’s simply not possible most of the time. But it doesn’t mean you can’t move forward.

A trusted agency with a proven record, a great reputation and the ability to provide automated services can help you. Selling your property when you can’t be present really makes these requirements more important than ever.

We asked Joanna Leggett, Marketing Director at Leggett Immobillier, who have 750 local agents all over France, for her tips. ‘25% of our sales have been conducted remotely in the first quarter of 2021. We’ve got a lot of experience of virtual buying and selling. And we know how to take the stress away from clients’ Joanna says. ‘A local agent is best, they know the area, the market and what buyers like. They take the photos for you, and videos and 360-degree imaging. And when it comes to selling, this is really important because buyers are also struggling to travel and buying sight unseen is no longer unusual.’

A property manager can help you sell your house if you can’t be there

‘A property agent can help you if you can’t be there to make your house look its best.’ Joanna advises. ‘For those all-important photos, if you’ve not been out and cut the grass for several months, it’s going to affect the look – and the price. A good property manager will ensure your property is well maintained. They’ll make sure it’s kept clean and tidy and in tip top condition for property viewings. And they’ll work with your sales agent to make sure it’s like that for every viewing. And if you don’t have a property manager, ask our agents if they can recommend someone. They’ll help you with the sales process from start to finish.’

Is it a good time to sell?

The French property market in 2021 is strong despite the challenges. Both French and overseas buyers are seeking homes in France, especially in the countryside. So, surprisingly perhaps, this is actually a good time to sell.

What about the administration?

The sales paperwork can all be done by remotely and securely via DocuSign. These days some 70% of all property sales documentation is done in this way.

And, says Joanna, ‘Leggett’s agents will even take a video of the house and meter readings etc on completion day to reassure you if you’d like that and you can’t be there. Wherever you’re based, UK, Australia, America etc, Leggett’s agents can meet you remotely and help you sell your second home in France without you needing to travel there in person.’

Find out more about selling your property – or finding your dream home : Leggett Immobilier 

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