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Learn how to take better photographs on a course in Gascony

Blessed with extraordinary natural beauty, peppered with picturesque villages, Gascony is an outstanding place to join a photography course.

Stunning countryside, a patchwork of verdant valleys, picturesque villages and gastronomic delights make for the most perfect photography opportunities. On this course you’ll get to grips with your camera and learn how to take the best pictures. Whether you’re a beginner or want to take your skills to the next level, these inspirational surroundings and excellent professional course tutors will help you to take photos you’ll be proud of.

Photography course in Gascony

This makes it an absolutely spectacular place to take photographs. The light is soft, the colours are jewel-like and the buildings and chateaux are aged to perfection.

If you’re looking to increase your photographic skills you can even take a course here with local photographers Sue Aran and Colby Chester. Hailing from America, both fell in love with this sensational part of France and now live there. They know the best places to take photos in a landscape that often seems forgotten by the march of time.

Sue says one of her favourite places to take photos is “the 12th century village of Labastide d’Armagnac, which was the inspiration for the Places des Vosges in Paris.” Its insider knowledge like this that makes taking a tour with a local so rewarding.

Join a weekend long course with Sue and Colby for an opportunity to learn how to take better photos with your camera. With a small group there’s plenty of time for one on one support for day and evening photography, and you’ll go home with some photos to be proud of.

Find out more about this fab photography course: French Country Adventures.

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