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Monopoly game France with real money


We all love Monopoly right, but we’d love it more if the money was real and we still paid the same price for the game wouldn’t we?!

Well, someone is going to get lucky in France because to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the game, Hasbro, the makers, are replacing the paper game money with real money. Don’t get too excited, it’s not every single box – just one boxed game will have the full bank.

In total 80 boxes, one for each year the game has been sold, will contain real money ranging from 150 Euros to 20,580 Euros.

Monopoly is incredibly popular in France and 500,000 sets are sold per year. Property for sale on the board includes Avenue Champs Elysée and Gare de Montparnasse and lots of well-known Parisian landmarks.

The boxes with real money look exactly the same as the ones with play money and they’ve been randomly distributed.

The person who buys the box with real money is definitely going to be feeling like they’ve won that day!

Details: www.hasbro.com/fr

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