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MONUMENTA 2012 opens with ‘Excentrique’ in Paris

MONUMENTA in Paris is an ambitious artistic work organized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The regular event is based at theGrand Palais, one of the great historic buildings of Paris created for the 1900 Exposition Universelle.

MONUMENTA invites an internationally renowned contemporary artist to take over the 13,500m² 35m high space of the Grand Palais Nave with an artwork specially created for the event. One of the most memorable events was that featuing Daniel Buren with his in situ work Excentrique.

Daniel Buren is one of France’s most internationally renowned and honoured artists. With more than 2000 worldwide exhibitions under his belt including his famous transformation of the Guggenheim in New York he is known for his innovative works of art utilising a range of visual tools.

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