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Parc Asterix France


Parc Asterix is not like Disneyland but it is quaint, full of humour and very interactive! Famous for its roller coasters rides – it is home to the biggest wooden roller coaster in Europe, and themes based on historic cultures such as the Romans and the ancient Greeks based on the immensely popular Asterix stories. It doesn’t really matter if you haven’t read any Asterix books but if you have, you’ll recognise your favourite characters and their personalities for sure. In a nutshell (for those not familiar with the background) Asterix is a Gaul in France in the time of the Roman occupation (circa 50BC). He and his friends spend most of their time irritating the Romans – sometime with the use of magic and always with a lot of humour.  Reflecting the history of the times the park is set up in zones: Gaul (ancient France), Rome, Egypt, ancient Greece, the land of the Vikings and a more up to date “Travel through time” area.

It’s a spacious theme park with a great variety, from beaches to mountains, from shows to fireworks and a full day and evening is needed to appreciate the entire park.

Hugely popular with French visitors it has gained in popularity with foreign guests too – perhaps due to its relative proximity to Disneyland Paris – the most popular theme park in France, and not too far away.

Rides and shows at Parc Asterix


The focus is fun for all the family and though not all rides are suitable for young children there are lots of rides to choose from in each of the different zones.

Gaul (Ancient France): Nine attractions – rides, including Le Grand Splatch, filled with aquatic effects, water columns and fountains, leading up to a final waterfall of 11 metres; roller coaster rides; the chance to meet your favourite characters from the Asterix comic books.
Ancient Greece: Five attractions – including roller coasters and a river cruise; dolphin and sea lion show in the Theatre of Poseidon which is well worth seeing.
Egypt: Five attractions including rollercoaster rides one of which is definitely not for little children – 40km up and at 90 km per hour!
Roman Empire: Five attractions, three rides – including a wild water ride; legionnaire recruitment drive – always gets a laugh as trainee legionnaires are put through their paces in training camp with great clowning about and lots of humour.
Land of the Vikings: 6 attractions – rollercoaster rides, swing boat, plus a Viking playground round the edge of a lake
Travel through time: More rides in a part of the park dedicated to history from 1900 and a fabulous show with lots of special effects and stunts, explosions and laughter.


High on charm, humour and great for all the family. To make the most of it – make sure you find out the show times and get there in time to get a seat – the shows are always really popular.

Getting to Parc Asterix

By Car: There is an on-site car park and has its own exit off the A16 auto-route
By Bus, from Paris (and return) daily during opening times – see site for prices and details
Train and shuttle-bus from Charles de Gaul airport – see site for prices and details

Opening times for Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix is not open all year round, only from April to November. Allow a full day to see everything. See site for opening hours and prices.

Hotels and places to eat at Parc Asterix

There is a 100 room hotel in the middle of the park and plenty of restaurants on site.

Details, prices and information from the Parc Asterix website 

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