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Personalised Property finder service in France

Beautiful house in Provence

When it comes to buying a property in France, an experienced, licensed property finder with contacts all over France makes finding your dream home so much easier. Nadia Jordan of The French Property Finders service in France explains how the best personalised property search services offer a complete, start-to-finish service. From access to properties all over France including off market properties and private sales, to viewings, negotiating, and contacts for everything from a notaire to schools and even builders, artisans and the best cafés in town…

How a personalised property search service works

Beautiful half timbered and stone houses and buildings in a cobbled street in Brittany

The internet brought a huge shake up to the way we search for property. But, many French agents are still relative newcomers to property websites. And, while photos and videos are great, they do not tell the whole story. Often property details are basic to say the least. And you may only get an indication of property locations to stop buyers going direct to sellers and cutting out the agent.

Added to this, the French property system has many peculiarities and arguably more micro-markets than anywhere else. Many properties don’t even make it onto the web as they may be sold privately And there is no central multi-listing system. This makes it hard to narrow down a search – and very time consuming.

And that’s where a personalised property search service succeeds brilliantly. Support suited to your individual requirements where property finders or search agents (known as Chasseurs Immobiliers in French) put all their knowledge and networks at your service. They find the private sellers. They scour the multiple listings and websites, they contact notaires who also sell properties but rarely advertise them.

The French Property Finders

Stone bridge over a river with a backdrop of mountains in the village of Seix, Ariege

Until recently, you would have found it difficult to find a professional search agent (a search agent works for the buyer rather than an estate agent who works for the seller) in much of France. They were scattered about France and not easy to find. The French Property Finders network brings together multiple professional search agents all working for the buyer.

French Property Finders agents offer in-depth local knowledge and have access to a huge network of contacts and property agents. With an estimated 50% of sales made privately – having a property search agent who can source those non-advertised properties really opens up the property market to you. The agents will take photos, video and provide geo-localisation details and provides a detailed report. It’s a bespoke and personalised property finding service from start to finish.

Once your dream property goals are evaluated, a personal property finder with expertise in your ideal location will search on your behalf. They will find properties that are specific to your budget, criteria, plans and timings.

Property finders are often able to find and secure off-market properties as well as those that are somewhat hidden or under-promoted. It’s sometimes hard to know whether a house has been on sale a long time and open to reduced offers. Or whether it is in an unsuitable location such as on a busy road or has problems such as structural issues. The property finder becomes your eyes and ears on the ground.

Independent, bilingual and licensed

All French Property Finders agents are bilingual, independent, licenced and insured. They will search, check and validate properties from both agents and private sellers. Your property finder will then provide you with a list that suits your requirements. They will also ensure that all properties are available (you might be surprised how long it takes for some agencies to update their websites with sold info). They will arrange viewings for you – either in person or online.

Once you have viewed the perfect house, your property finder will negotiate the deal on your behalf. And they will help you through the buying process until completion. This can include providing contacts for securing mortgages, currency exchange, notaires, legal advice and insurance brokers. They can also help with more everyday information such as the best local shops, cafés, schools, garages and artisans/builders/architects.

The French Property Finders network welcomes clients with small and large budgets, it’s not just a service for the super wealthy.

Having a property finder work for you really can help your dreams come true.

Find out more details: www.thefrenchpropertyfinders.com

Nadia Jordan runs Foothills of France property finding agency in the Occitanie region and is a licensed property finder.

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