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Podcast – Autumn in France | La rentrée

A podcast about Autumn in France and la rentrée – a very French thing! It literally means ‘the return’, which sounds quite mysterious, like a thriller film but it’s not at all.


We explain all about la rentrée and what it really means to the French. Plus we share some of the best places to visit in France in the fall. We also share some of the best seasonal festivals – especially foodie festivals – and events, from giant flea markets to arty party nights where the city puts on a free art show from dusk til dawn, and wine harvest events in Paris. Yes there is a wine producing vineyard right in the centre of Paris. Or how about a chocolate fair where not only do you get to eat chocolate and bonbons, but they hold a fashion show in which the models wear clothes made from chocolate! And we share our favourite places that may be a bit more crowded, or be intensely hot in the summer months but are ideal to visit in autumn.

Plus, as we with every episode we answer a listener’s question. In this episode we’re asked “How many times should you kiss – and what cheek do you start with?!” Find out the answer…

Brit Janine Marsh author of three international best-selling books about life in France and Frenchman Olivier Jauffrit of radio Paris Chanson share everything France and more through this podcast…

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