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Review: Nice Uncovered

See Nice as it’s never been seen before in seven self-guided walking tours that reveal the true story of Nice. Nice Uncovered: Walks Through the Secret Heart of a Historic City is a guide that uncovers the little-known stories behind Nice’s best-known sights and the secret places that would even surprise locals.

Travel writer and Nice resident Jeanne Oliver has been writing about France for 25 years and her expertise and knowledge of Nice help the reader discover the city like a local.

The 218 info-packed pages are fitted into a light and compact format. Easy to carry around for the day! Or download on your Kindle. Maps and step-by-step instructions make getting around a breeze.


The Old Town, the vibrant heart of Nice with its crooked streets, cosy squares, baroque churches, bustling markets and jumble of pastel houses;

Castle Hill, a scenic park overlooking the sea with reminders of Nice’s earliest settlement and the final resting place of Nice notables;

Port Lympia with stately 18th-century buildings around a harbor;

Cimiez, the hilltop neighborhood where gladiators fought, Romans bathed, the Franciscans built a monastery and Queen Victoria held court;

Promenade des Anglais, the seaside walk lined with elegant hotels reflecting the British influence on Nice;

West Nice, the little-known neighborhood that was once a country outpost and aristocratic hideaway;

Promenade du Paillon a lush, watery landscape built over the Paillon river;

Quartier des Musiciens with landmark Belle Epoque and Art Deco masterpieces.

And discover Nice’s UNESCO-listed treasures.

Written by an insider, the walking tours include the local lore, legends and traditions that make up Nice’s unique culture. Learn about the food, festivals, saints and sinners that locals talk about.

Well-written and just bursting with facts and details that make the history and legends of the city come to life. I’ve visited the city several times, but not with this guide. Reading this makes me want to go back and visit again – but this time with all these fascinating details to hand, so I can discover the hidden gems I clearly missed last time! Clear directions, useful maps and fascinating anecdotes galore. Nice is a city that’s just perfect for wandering and whether you’re a first time visitor, or like me you’ve visited before, this is the essential guide to the sunny city.

Nice Uncovered: Walks Through the Secret Heart of a Historic City is available on Amazon.

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