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Sancere is a town, an area and of course a celebrated wine.

Sancerre is located in the heart of France in Berry Province in the Loire Valley. The town is perched high on a hill over the surrounding vineyards and from its viewpoint 1000 feet up the scenery and landscape that lie at the foot of the hill is stunning.

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Wandering through the winding streets is to discover beautiful ancient buildings with pale shutters, rose covered walls and floral wrought iron balconies. In the summer there are throngs of tourists but somehow the town retains its sleepy air and an unspoiled feel.

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Discover the story of Sancerre at the high tech museum Maison des Sancerre and enjoy a wine tasting on the terrace with exquisite views over the countryside. 15 million years ago the ocean covered this area and when it ebbed away it left behind marine sediments that turned into dense and fossilised rocky layers that have created the terroir in which grow the vines to produce the famous wine.

sancerre view over the vineyards

There are plenty of places to stop for a bite to eat and of course to try and buy the famous wines of the area. 25 million bottles a year are produced here and the Sancerre wine makers say “We want the people who taste our wines to feel as much pleasure drinking them as we did making them…”

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Sancerre Loire Valley

Sancerre tourist office; Berry Tourist Officewww.loirevalleytourism.com

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