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Susan Keefe’s new book Billy and Daisy’s Big Adventure

A short while ago we featured Susan Keefe from Le Mans, Pays de Loire.  An author of children’s books she told us about her life in the UK growing up with pets and the profound affect her grandparent’s love of wildlife and the countryside had on her.  She told us how she fell in love with her French home and throwing caution to the wind decided to move to France ahead of retirement taking her cats, dogs and Sid the Corn Snake with her!  Here she tells us about her latest book aimed at children under the age of ten and the first in a series of wonderful animal books!

On moving to France, many people who are drawn to the wide open spaces of the countryside decide to get a dog or cat or more.  For Susan Keefe, although she had animals in the UK when she moved to France she decided to get more creatures of different sorts.  First, the wonderful Toby, a Border Collie, arrived and became a constant and loving companion inspiring Susan to write her first children’s book Toby’s Tails. In her interview with The Good Life France she told us how she’d trained at a plant nursery in the UK where goats had been kept as well as plants. Moving to France gave Susan the space and the opportunity to keep goats herself.  She put up electric fencing, her Dad helped with the shelter and soon after goats and some incidental sheep arrived!  In this, her latest book, it’s the goats that have inspired her new series of children’s books, the first of which has just been published.

Susan says of the first in the series Billy and Daisy’s Big Adventure (Fantasy Farm Tales):

“Billy and Daisy are kids, but not the human kind, they’re baby goats!

One day their life changes forever when they go to live at Fantasy Farm with Toby the Border Collie and all his farmyard friends.

They are very happy, but, one day, by accident the gate opens and they decide to explore, their ‘Big adventure’ has begun….

Find out what happens to them, and all about the escapades of all their friends at Fantasy Farm in this exciting first book in the Fantasy Farm Series”

Full of photographs of the baby goats,  well-written and appealing to children up to the ages of ten, this is a book that parents will be happy to read to their children and which children will love and cherish.

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