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The Paris Effect by K S R Burns

the-paris-effect-front-cover[3]The Paris Effect: What a story, it will make you smile and it will make you sad, plus every emotion in-between!

The main character is Amy from Arizona USA. She has had a lot to contend with, for a start she’s struggling to come to terms with the sad death of her long-time friend and partner in crime, Kat. Amy is married to William, but he doesn’t understand how totally devastated she is, his views of Kat are very different to hers. Then there are those dreaded calories we all watch, food is such a problem, and it’s getting her down. She has no proper job at the moment though she volunteers – and to top it all she’s bored.

There is one thing she does desperately want to do though. She has an overwhelming urge leave her home in Arizona and visit Paris.

“Why Paris?” I hear you ask.

Well it was a dream you see, one she and Kat had shared, planned for and looked forward to, but it never happened…

As she battles to continue ‘normal’ life after losing her friend, Paris seems to be calling her even stronger, the Sacré-Coeur, the food, the excitement, well everything seems so much better than her life at home.

So, she follows her heart, gets on a plane, and the next thing you know, she’s arriving at Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport, and her adventure has begun. However, she discovers, whilst experiencing all this wonderful city has to offer, that she is never really alone, Kat is beside her, in her head, with her in everything she does, sees, and experiences.

The author gives wonderful descriptions of Paris, life in this vibrant city, the food, ambiance, the beautiful architecture, the people, and some unusual places too. Written with humour, the characters feel real and Amy with her hang ups and obsession with food is truly likeable.

As Amy meets new friends, they open her mind, naturally encouraging her to consider her life back in Arizona, and as she does so, she inevitably starts thinking about what she wants.

So, after such a tumultuous time away, is the Amy who returns home the same woman who left?

Has her trip to Paris changed her, or has it just opened her eyes to who she really wants to be?

What will the future hold for her?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderfully written, entertaining and engaging story and eagerly anticipate its sequel which is hinted at in the last pages.

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