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Then and Now – Treasured Things and French Flea Markets


I am supposed to be working but I got distracted… by a list of treasured items from 125 years ago and a list of treasured items today!

This apparently is what was most treasured in the year 1890, Queen Victoria was on the Throne in the UK and in France it was the time of la Belle Epoque.

1890 Top 10 Most Treasured Items

1. Sewing Machine
2. China Tea Pot
3. Clock for Mantelpiece
4. Piano
5. Mirror
6. Pocket Watch
7. Fountain Pen
8. Silver spoons
9. Bicycle
10. Wedding band

How different things are today though as a friend pointed out when she read these lists – you can buy any of these things from both lists at a French flea market. Will the iPhones and iPads of today be tomorrow’s antiques though I wonder, being bargained for at brocantes in a 100 years time!?

2015 Top 10 Most Treasures Items

1. Laptop
2. Car
3. Wedding band
4. Engagement ring
5. Other piece of jewellery
6. Wedding photographs
7. TV
8. Watch
9. iPhone
10. Family portrait

How many of the things have you got from each list in your home?  I have to confess, I have them all except a piano and that’s only because I changed it for an electronic keyboard which kind of counts though to be truthful I miss the piano and I might get another one.


 Actually I might buy a couple of worn out pianos after I saw a very good bit of recycling in a café  in Roubaix, northern France where they used the pianos as a bar – it looks terrific!

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