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Top Tips for Moving to France


Every single house move is stressful. It’s never an easy process, and can be made worse if you aren’t on top of things. The move however, can become a whole lot more complicated when you are crossing borders and venturing abroad to France. The complications can become bigger due to the fact you are in an unfamiliar country coupled with an unfamiliar language. There are a couple of things you will need to consider and keep in mind when making the move to France. Our top tips for moving to France will help.

Location location location

First of all comes choosing your location. France has an vast range of varied landscape, weather, climate and other factors. Around twice the size of the UK, at time you’ll feel like you’re in different countries altogether. The sunny beaches of Saint-Tropez are nothing like the Champagne countryside region, the high altitude Alps or verdant northern France.

Once you’ve picked your location you’ll need to think about the property. Styles range from city apartment blocks, town houses, converted barns right the way through to apartments, chateaux, farmhouses or traditional chalets and villas – and then some. When it comes to land, if your time in France is limited and you’re mainly after a holiday home you might want to consider help from a gardener – meaning you don’t spend your holiday looking after the garden. Though high speed internet is being rolled out across France, if that’s an important factor for you, check it out before you fall in love with your new home to be.

Removals to France

One of the most stressful processes can be moving your belongings. A long haul journey with all of your belongings means more chance of things breaking for instance. You might want to add on specific insurance. And, post Brexit there are more forms to fill in, regulations to follow and boxes to tick. It’s really important to choose a company that specialises in international removals and has experience of dealing with the required administration requirements. Some companies ca offer a packing and unpacking service to make the whole experience less stressful and arduous so you can simply make the most of the good life in France – right from the start.

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