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Update to the fire at Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral at night, the iconic bell towers lit up against a dark sky

The devastating fire that occurred at the 12th century built cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Paris on 15 April 2019 caused immense damage. With more than 12 million visitors each year, the cathedral is the most visited monument in France and Europe, epitomising the soul of the French capital and symbolising the history and culture of France.

Thanks to the support of all the teams who worked throughout the night to save this icon of French history and culture, there is hope for the Cathedral’s future.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame Paris, trees in blossom around it, taken before fire broke out on 15 April 2019

The Paris tourist office say “Expressions of emotion and comfort from all over the world have eased the pain of the sad images that have been circulating. The people of France, together with Parisians and lovers of the French capital, will in the next few months and years have their heart set on rebuilding this landmark symbol.”

Visitors will be able to come and show their attachment to the monument but also find many other sites worthy of interest, whether they be religious monuments like the Basilique Saint-Denis, the Sacré-Cœur and the Church of Saint-Eustache or cultural sites nearby like the Sainte-Chapelle or the Panthéon.

Two photos of Notre Dame Cathedral, the most visited monument in Europe before it was damaged by fire

Check the website www.parisinfo.com to stay informed about the re-opening of the Île de la Cité and its monuments, as well as any modifications to services by cruise companies, sightseeing bus operators etc.

How to donate to the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris

A plan is underway to restore Notre Dame, and those who wish to contribute towards the fund set up for this purpose can make donations through:

Fondation du Patrimoine (Heritage Foundation) there is an English language and French language version (buttons at the top of the page):


Photos: Middle – Emma Budgen; bottom left: Denis Collet, bottom right Kerry Burris Cumnings – shared on The Good Life France Facebook page along with hundreds of messages of support and solidarity for Paris and Notre Dame…

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