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Visit an exquisite iris farm in the Lot | Iriseraie de Papon

A field full of thousands of different coloured irises

If you’re a fan of flowers, then the breath-taking iris farm Iriseraie de Papon, just outside of the village of Laplume in the Lot-et-Garonne in south-western France is a must-see.

Iris Paradise in France

Every shade of the rainbow in a flowering iris in the Lot, France

With a collection of 2,500 different varieties of irises, there are 5 fields – one for walking through and four for selecting from. Sue Aran of French Country Adventures runs tours to this little corner of paradise and says “should you decide to buy some irises for your own garden, a very happy man with a long-handled spiked tool in one hand and bags in another, will follow you around while you choose. He will tell you how to plant and care for the ones you’ve selected.”

Contrary to popular folklore, the iris does not change colour. But, the colour variations are endless as you’ll see as this rainbow of flowers assails your senses. There are several thousand irises as well as a collection of fragrant heirloom roses.

This wonderful nursery offers shady spots for gourmet picnic. “We can sit under the shade of an old oak tree. The subtle scents of iris are carried on a gentle breeze. It’s easy to imagine ourselves in Giverny, amongst the same palette of colours Monet so often painted…” says Sue.

Tours are available from May through October.

And, just a short drive away, why not take in the utterly gorgeous Latour-Marliac lily garden centre, from where Monet bought his famous lilies…

Details at: www.frenchcountryadventures.com

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