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Weddings in France | Summer Style

weddings in france

Summer is finally here!  I was delighted when The Good Life France asked me to be their resident Wedding Expert and with summer in full swing, this is the topic of my first weddings in France inspiration post . (Photo: Styling  Mon plus beau jour Photography Pierre Atelier)

Summer is still the most popular time for weddings, with many brides looking to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.  I receive emails daily from brides planning their wedding in France and at home, who are looking for unique ideas on how to plan a summer wedding that incorporates the season, but still feels individual.

weddings in france

If you have already booked your wedding venue, this will form some of the styling accents for the day, but any venue style can be moulded with some careful planning and creative ideas. (Photo: Bastide St Mathieu)

Rustic Picnic Style

weddings in franceThis style is reminiscent of long summer days spent with friends and family, when a game of rounders can turn into a competitive tournament.  For creative brides who are looking for an informal celebration, this style provides a relaxed atmosphere, with an informal structure to the day where the wedding details are simple and budget friendly.

Guests can be seated on picnic rugs or dressed bales of hay, with family picnic hampers and large retro refreshment dispensers as the children run around freely and toddlers sleep in pushchairs in the shade.

(Photo:  Top left & top right: Ben & Aurore Photos; Middle left: Mason jar labels UrbandBelleCoture by Jessica Maida Photography, Middle right: Jessica Maida Photography; Bottom left: Susie Lawrence Photography, Bottom right: Amara Weddings)

Garden Party Style

Shabby chic enthusiasts can use their talents to create an informal garden party wedding reception.  A step between rustic picnic and a formal outdoor reception, mix matched tables and chairs are covered with wild flowers picked on the morning of the wedding.

weddings in france

For a rustic garden party rows of long wood benches feature decorated lace and burlap mason jars of flowers, whilst fabric bunting hangs from the rafters or surrounding trees.  The style has no formal seating plan or waiting staff, but invites guests to mingle as they enjoy the picturesque surroundings. (Photo Top Left: Bastide St Mathieu, Top Middle: Belle Momenti at Chateau des Buis, Top Right, bottom middle, bottom right: Jessica Maida Photography; Bottom Left: Amara Weddings)

Use seasonal food to create a vibrant buffet table and treat your guests to the local cuisine including cheese and its accompaniments.

weddings in france

(Photo: Top, middle and right Belle Momenti Bottom and left Jessica Maida Photography)

Chick Outdoor Reception Style

Fully exploit the wonderful summer weather and take your formal wedding dinner outside.  Use your beautiful wedding venue as the backdrop for your wedding celebrations, with a formal seating plan and reception tables covered in crisp white linen and gleaming silverware.

weddings in france

Commission the expertise of a florist to create stunning arrangements that will compliment the outdoor setting, whilst not including flowers that unduly attract unwanted distractions. This is a deceptive style that has similarities to a swan.  Whilst the styling and service needs to be elegant and visually simple to not fight against the picturesque surroundings and venue, it requires a skilled planner and staff busily working away beneath the surface, to create this flawless look and service outside of a traditional venue. (Photo: Styling  Mon plus beau jour Photography Pierre Atelier)

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