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5 of the best French soup recipes easy to make at home

 french soup recipes easy

The French have been perfecting the art of fine cuisine for centuries, from cheeses to chocolate, from bread to boeuf bourguignon, from casseroles to cassoulet, and don’t get us started on soups – from beer soup to toasted flour, the French have turned soup into an art form – without making it impossible to make.

Add a little Oh la la to your week with these 5 French soup recipes easy to make at home and perfect for sharing:

Monday: French Onion Soup. A French classic and this recipe is an authentic, passed down the family full on French onion soup with not just a soupcon but a lot of oh la la. Did you know that in the old days in France, onion was considered an aphrodisiac and the bride and groom would be served French onion soup for breakfast the morning after their wedding?!

Tuesday: Pumpkin soup with Chantilly and Onion Confit… mmm that sounds scrumptious and we have the delicious Rachel Khoo of My little Paris Kitchen to thank for sharing this recipe with us.

Wednesday: Garlic Soup. If you need a bit of a pick me up, if you’re feeling a bit run down or have a cold – this is the soup for you! Garlic has healing properties and scientists have said that the antibiotic qualities of garlic are better than two leading pharmaceutical brands. Of course, if you have a hot date that night or for several nights after – might be best to try one of the other soups!

Thursday: Soupe de Poisson. Colourful, tasty and very French – Queen of French Cuisine Paola Westbeek recommends you serve this simple to make, vibrant soup with a big chunk of fresh baguette – sublime!

Friday: Potato soup – the French way. Very simple, very classic and very nice indeed! A few simple ingredients but this dish has a touch of nutmeg in to give it a twist (it’s good for your health too).

Have a soup-er week trying these delicious dishes at home!

Bon appetit…

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