Everything You Want to Know About France and More...

A Podcast about France

The Good Life France Podcast No. 1: A podcast about France!

An introduction to The Good Life France podcast – everything you want to know about France and more. Meet author Janine Marsh an ex-Londoner who lives in rural northern France, and Olivier Jauffrit a radio producer from France who lives in London. Entente-cordiale – upside down!

Discover what made Janine move to France in the first place and what she loves about life here. It’s a warts and all tale – but full of fun!

In every episode there’s a Q&A section and in this episode we’re asked: Is it illegal to call a pig Napoleon in France? Did Frenchman Olivier know? Want to know the answer? Have a listen!

And we’re also asked: Is it true you can’t name your children anything you like in France? Find out more, and discover how a local got given the name Monsieur Coin Coin (Monsieur Quack Quack)!

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