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Agincourt Medieval Fete

Experience a taste of medieval life in the lush green countryside of Azincourt in northern France.

On one fateful day, 25 October 1415, a famous battle between the army of the English King Henry V and the French King, commanded by Constable Charles d’Albret – gave birth to a legend. The fierce fighting ended with a resounding victory for the English who had less men and were exhausted from a long March. The countryside around Agincourt ran red with the blood of the dead and the wounded.

The day is honoured still in France. The Agincourt 1415 centre is surrounded by the fields where the great battle took place. The museum tells the history of the battle with innovative displays, video, and artefacts. It also reveals what life was like for people in the 15th century, what they ate, how they dressed and what they believed in. It’s a great visit for the whole family (read more about the museum, the battle and the legends that it spawned).

The centre also holds year-round events from workshops and exhibitions, to candlelit visits and banquets plus shows. And in July 2023 they will host a grand medieval fete after an absence of five years!

The Agincourt Medieval Fete

Two days of medieval mayhem await at Agincourt in mid-July. You can expect an exciting equestrian tournament and a fascinating demonstration of how the aristocratic soldiers prepared for battle in their heavy armour, as well as a show of medieval artillery, cuisine and more.

On both days the event culminates with a ‘battle’ – a re-enactment of that fateful day and its terrible battle played out by volunteers and actors in costume.

And yes the English are welcome! The medieval fete is a unique event and like the museum, not only honours a historic battle and bring medieval history to life but also celebrates Franco-British friendship.

When: 10.30 – 17.30 15 and 16 July 2023

Where: Azincourt Museum, Azinourt

Find out more: azincourt1415.com

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