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Bon Moments by artist Perry Taylor


I’ve long been a fan of artist Perry Taylor’s gorgeous Indian ink drawings of rustic France, the France I know and love for its authenticity and warm welcome… and chickens!

Perry lives and works in south west France with his lovely wife Caroline and his muses – a bunch of feisty birds and not your usual type when you’re an artist! These inspirational models are of the winged kind, they’re chickens and they’re great representatives of rural France.


Perry draws daily French life scenes, from ancient squares lined with cafés crammed with locals sipping their essential black coffee or glass of red wine and farmers leaning out of tractors chatting to 2CV driving neighbours. Charming” mamies and papies”, lovely markets and enchanting street scenes leap out from the pages.  He also captures the spirit of the smallholder whose chickens provide hours of daily fun and typify life for the locals and expats who take to life in France like ducks to water.

The drawings are quirky and quaint, warm, witty and wonderful, portraying the good life in France and Perry has produced a second book of drawings “Bon Moments” after the first “Petites Gasconneries” was a run away success.


This lovely new book makes for a gorgeous gift for Francophiles and for anyone who loves France. Brimming with drawings that make you smile, it’s a lovely keep it book (though beware your friends might want to “borrow” this one!)…

Bon Moments is available from perrytaylor.fr

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