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Camping holidays in France

Man, woman and children in the garden of a chalet at a camping site enjoying a barbecue in the sun

France is camping paradise. In every department of every region you’ll find campsites that range from starred accommodation (1-5), camping sauvage (camping in the wild), camping à la ferme (where you pitch up in a field on a farm), chalets, mobile homes, gypsy caravans, tree houses and yurts.

So just how do you choose the campsite that’s right for your family? Check out our top tips on camping in France.

What sort of campsites are there in France?

There are different types of campsites, and just like hotels, they are classified according to a star-rating system that are given upon inspection by the Camping Federation of France:

One-star. Small campsites, individual shower cubicles with possibly cold water, dish-washing sinks. Pitch over 70m². Prices start from 8€ per night for a pitch.

Two-star. Reception during the day, individual shower cubicles with hot water, individual washbasins, amenities for small electrical equipment. Pitch over 70m².

Three-star. Warden attendance 24/7, reception in two foreign languages including English. Tiled floors in washing areas, equipped children’s play areas, a wider range of services (Internet access, beverage dispenser…). Fixed rentals and pitches over 80m². Prices around 32-40€ per night for four people.

Four-star. Private washing cubicles with hot water, dish-washing and clothes-washing sinks with hot water. Pitches over 80m², numerous choice of fixed accommodation tarred roads within the site, food stores on campsite or close by. Prices can go from 20-50€ per night for four people.

Five-star. Reception in 3 languages including English, compulsory swimming, Internet access, optional services (spa, massage, tennis…). Beautiful chalets and high end mobile homes.

Camping in France isn’t like it used to be…

Camping is one of the most popular holiday options for the French and over the last few years, many campsites have become more and more upmarket whilst remaining one of the most economical ways to take a holiday.

Lots of campsites are more like resorts with swimming pool complexes, spas, restaurants and entertainment. All of the romance and fun of camping but with lots of amenities and in all the best locations from Provence to the French Riviera and beyond.

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