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Carla Bruni, former First Lady of France, singer and musician

carla bruni musicOlivier Jauffrit of radio Paris Chanson says it’s time to look at the music of Carla Bruni, former first Lady of France.

These days the woman born Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi 23 December 1967 in Turin, Italy is known as Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Born into a wealthy family which moved to France when Carla was seven years old, she became a model at the age of 19 and earned her own fortune modelling for the top fashion houses – Dior, Chanel and Versace amongst them.

Ten years later she quit modelling to concentrate on music and in 2002 released her first album “Quelqu’un m’a dit”. it was a success, her quirky style and mellow voice found popular acclaim and various tracks from this first album were used in films, TV series and an H&M advertising campaign.

More success followed in her musical career but in February 2008 she married Nicolas Sarkozy and for a while her musical work slowed down as chose to support her husband who was the then President of France (2007-2012). She did however continue to record with other artists such as Harry Conick Jr and to sing for Nelson Mandela at his 91st birthday party in New York and appeared in Woody Allen’s film 2011 Midnight in Paris. She also says that during this time she never stopped writing even though she did not have the time to practice the guitar or to sing every day.

To illustrate her style Olivier Jauffrit has chosen a video of Carla Bruni’s song “Mon Raymond”  from her new album ‘Little French songs’ – her 4th album and possibly her best – melodic, charming and very French. Olivier says “Although she changed the first name, this song is all about her husband… It could have been titled My Nicolas…”

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