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Hope you had a great week and let me start with a huge welcome to all new subscribers and a massive thank you to everyone for choosing to read my newsletter each week!

This week for me has been quietly productive, I’ve painted the window frames on the pig sty, we’ve cut and stacked 8 tons of wood for the fire, enough to get us through winter hopefully, and I’ve managed to re-home 16 ducks with a lovely new mum!

I’ve still got 36 ducks which believe me is more than enough. They’ve learned to fly, and it is quite an experience for me when I get up in the morning, groggily pull on my rubber boots and start the feed, clean and tlc rounds of animals. Before, I would be greeted with a cacophony of clucks, honks and quacks from the bird pens. Now I am met by several ducks precariously winging it down the garden towards the house, narrowly missing my head and occasionally crash landing on the terrace (don’t worry they don’t hurt themselves). Then they stand around staring as I fill up the feed bucket and calmly follow me into the pen for breakfast.

I’m also confirmed to be at The France Show in London next year from 26-28 January here are the details: Janine Marsh at The France Show (and a photo of me that my friends say is very me! ). I’ll be chatting on stage each day about France and my book My Good Life in France: in pursuit of the rural dream – and I’m really excited if a bit nervous!

This weekend I’m off to London for a posh dinner at the Savoy hotel with some of my writer friends. I have to nip to the shops to get something to wear as my wardrobe seems to consist of wellington boots and dungarees mostly and I’m not sure that they’ll let me in!

Whatever you have planned I wish you a very bon weekend.

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Bisous from London,

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