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French Food For Everyone – after school snacks by Mardi Michels

French Food for Everyone is a follow up to the best-selling In the French kitchen with kids and was inspired by the students in Mardi Michels online cooking classes. Her first book proved that French food is much simpler to make than many people believe (so easy even kids can make “fancy” French dishes!), and over the course of a year’s worth of online classes she noticed that it was not just kids but whole families enjoying great success with her recipes which inspired her to write French Food for Everyone. The online book will be released a chapter at a time to enable people to get baking and cooking sooner!

Review of French Food for Everyone

Finally, a child and adult friendly cookbook that is easy for everyone in the family to follow. I casually asked my eight year old son to have a look at Mardi Michels new recipe book  to see if there was anything that he liked the look of. Something we could make at the weekend I said. It was an instant hit, with ‘look at this mum’ ‘and this’ ‘and this one’-wow – we could be busy baking for a while!

The book was a knock out for me, especially as the children like to help with baking at home. Seeing images of what the food should look like, the really helpful list of equipment and the simple step by step guides for each recipe is perfect for adults and kids to follow. Having the recipe title in French and English is such a great idea. It helps with French learning and homework. And it’s really handy for the kids to learn these new words, I know that when they see these cakes and bakes in the shops on holiday in France, they’re going to be so thrilled.

At the top of each recipe is a short paragraph on the history of the delicious snack. And there are great tips on when is best to have them, after school snacks are popular in our house. And it’s helpfully pointed out in advance that a certain ingredient is included that might not be in your pantry essentials.

We all loved the map in the French flag colours on some of the pages – great mini facts to read while waiting for the oven times to go off! The step by step instructions are clear and easy to follow. They’re not too long and tell you exactly what you need to do to make perfect bakes.

The only hard bit is deciding what to make. Then turn the oven on, get your helpers ready and bake!

I know that we’ll be referring to Mardi’s recipes over and over, after just a couple of weeks they’re a firm family favourite already.

Find out more and buy the book at eat.live.travel.write.com or on Amazon

Reviewed by a bookworm with two kids under 8 and a love of French food…

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