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French Language Exclamations!

French language exclamations!

Our English speaking friends often want to know what to say in French to convey an exclamation such as Gordon Bennet or flipping hell! Many of them think that a good phrase to use is Zut alors but it isn’t – no one really uses that expression any more.

If you’re interested in learning some proper French exclamations here are some you might find useful and fun!

Oh la la – this is useful for anything really – if you really like something, if you really don’t like something, if you are surprised or if you’re unhappy – the emphasis is on the tone you use rather than the expression!  In fact we’ve heard French people use as many as 4 la’s after the Oh – depending on the situation.

Tell me – Dis-moi!

What a good idea – Quelle bonne idée!

Talk to me – Parlez-moi!

What a disaster – Quel désastre!

Go away – Vas-y!

Get up – Lève-toi!

It’s delicious – Que c’est délicieux!

Please wait for me –   Ayez la bonté de m’attendre

Talk about it – Parles-en

Let’s go – Allons-y!

Let’s eat now –   Mangeons maintenant

Please excuse me –   Veuillez m’excuser

He is so handsome – Comme il est beau!

She sure is cute – Qu’est-ce qu’elle est mignonne!

But I swear it’s true – Mais je te jure que c’est vrai!

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