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How many cats? Newsletter from France!

Autumnal scene of an apple orchard in France

Last week I was in lovely Mayenne in the Pays de la Loire where, despite some of my friends calling me “Flop Chef not Top Chef”, I had a cookery lesson at a gorgeous chateau amongst much else. More details coming up as always!

I think I told you I promised my vet no more animals and I can’t remember if I mentioned that a strange creature we call “Fat Cat” turned up a few months back. She’s clearly not your regular stray because she lives up to the name I can tell you. We’ve not been able to locate an owner and, as she has hardly moved from the terrace where she has taken up residence in a converted chicken coop with a cushion, I guess she is now mine. She has a grumpy face but purrs like an engine and she has a gargantuan appetite but all the other cats like her and let her eat as much as she likes. So I will need to take her to the vet for a check-up and cat diet advice and he will no doubt tell me off. “’Ow many cats is zis? SIX? You Brits” he says, “you are all ze same, cats, dogs, ‘orses and goats… first one, then another until you are almost a zoo”. Ah well, I tell him, there are worst things eh? (There’s a picture of Fat Cat on my Instagram page if you want to see her!).

The roofing repairs (an insurance job) are almost done and the roofers who speak so fast I can’t understand a single word will soon depart. I think I’ll miss them in a way, whistling and singing out of tune English language songs “you are ze sunshine of my leef” and Rrrrra Rrrrra Rrrrrasputeen, lover of the Rrrrrsuian Quin” being two of my favourites. I hate the new roof at the moment, it looks way too spick and span compared to the worn tiles I had before. No doubt a few seasons and plenty of rain will see it look less shiny and at least we are watertight for winter.

Wishing you a very bon weekend
Bisous from Paris where I now am!

Ps. If you’re thinking about a break in France over Christmas then house sitting might be a good choice for you. My friends at HouseSit Match have some fab rent-free opportunities in France, and of course there are no rental fees as you live life like a local.

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