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How to create French home style – anywhere

Table laid with beautiful table cloths, bunches of flowers and pretty ornaments

French style is famous throughout the world. Cultivated over hundreds of years of design and fine arts, it’s a seemingly effortless style that isn’t always that easy to achieve. But there are ways and means to make it easy! You don’t need to live in a Chateau, or in Paris, Provence or a rustic farmhouse to get French style…

Table Linen for French style

Table covered in a white cloth, white tea cups and plates stacked next to a green plantFrench joie de vivre is all about the good life, family and friends time – especially when it comes to food. And a beautiful table plays a big part. Just as with food where French cuisine is all about the freshest and best ingredients – home style is also about natural materials. Linens, lace and fine cottons are all a feature of French style.

We love the gentle hues of pebble soft grey, natural off white and dusky pink table cloths from Pimlico.eu and the matching napkins. And we’re not remotely surprised by how popular this Belgian company’s products are in France. Linen is a natural, light, and robust material, as ideal for dressing summer tables as it is in winter. And lace adds delicacy and sophistication or country style as you wish.

Whether indoors or outdoors, culinary happiness is better with visual pleasure – it’s the French way. Here’s how to host a dinner party in true French style

Keeping it light, fresh and simple means you can dress the table how you want. Pimlico’s subtle, soft colours are perfect to blend with colourful or plain china, bowls of fruit, jars of flowers, wine buckets and bread baskets.

Add a bouquet of fresh flowers, from country style to simple sunflowers or sophisticated orchid arrangements to bring a table to life. Flowery ice cubes in a carafe of water, with slices of lemon or lime and mint leaves say summer fun. Candles – whether in an eye catching silver holder or something simpler bring life to the table. A soupcon of lace adds elegance and style, and we love the matching lace runners Pimlico makes. A hint of blossom and serene shades are a gorgeous backdrop or layering for extra style.

Provide a few blankets for guests for a meal outside to extend the night – Pimlico’s soft throws in muted colours to match the table ware are absolutely perfect for this.

Classic French style curtains

Room with grey lace curtains filtering the sunlight

Window dressings in France are often so pretty that people stop in their tracks to take photos. When it comes to curtains French style is to keep it simple, authentic and chic. But simple doesn’t mean plain. The devil is in the detail, scalloped borders, lace, velvet ribbons, beautiful embroidery. Let your curtains pillow and pool onto the floor fora  romantic look. We love Pimlico’s washed linen, lace and voile curtains. They’re timeless and come in a beautiful palette of dusky pink, soft Hampton Blue, pebble and off white. And – they’re easy care, machine washable and non-iron. Perfect!

French style bedding

Bed with luxurious white bed cover, cushions and a soft throw

Create your own boudoir style with beautiful luxury bed linen of the highest quality. Go for timeless white. Or an elegant French grey cover that feels velvety soft and adds a romantic look. Or pretty runners and soft throws. Comfort is important – and the feeling of being cossetted and cocooned in your comfy bed!

Secrets of French style

Carla Van Impe of Pimlico says “French style is all about adapting the look to suit the mood – from the simplicity and relaxed vibe of rural life to the chic elegance of chateau style. Our colour palette is all about laying the foundation for your stylish interior and tables so that you can add your own personal style and finishing touches. Whether it’s a posy of lavender against natural linen on a table, or a beautiful array of greenery against soft grey and pink. Or perhaps a lace curtain gently drifting in the breeze, or a pretty French-style embroidered curtain to cover the bottom half of the window. A sumptuous bed throw or simple but stunning white bed cover might be just the thing to bring your bedroom to life.”

The subtlety and simplicity of Pimlico’s collection brings a beautifully balanced, graceful French style to any home. The secret lies in created a muted palette and being fuss free. You want to let key pieces in the room steal the show and allowing accents of colour to shine through.

Get the look – Check out the Pimlico.eu range of stunning tableware and throws, bed covers and curtains….

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