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Le Channel Restaurant Calais Northern France


Le Channel is a bit of a legend in Calais – it’s a family run restaurant that has a reputation for serving consistently delicious food since it opened its doors in 1978. A place that if you go there once, you’ll look forward to returning for the warm welcome, the great ambience and the outstanding menu.

After hearing about Le Channel from friends for years I finally popped along. The restaurant is on the Boulevard de la Resistance along the sea front, a pretty part of town that retains a fishing village vibe but close enough to the docks that the sight of huge ferries floating past the top of a hill on their way in and out, make you stop in your tracks.

Just inside the doorway you’ll stop again when you step onto the glass window on the floor through which you can peep into the wine cellar – a nice touch! You can also see through glass wall into the kitchen where Chef Jerome Crespo and his team are busy preparing the food.


In the restaurant Madame Crespo and son Arnaud look after clients with a deft touch and a very warm welcome. Nothing was too much trouble, I asked about the bread – delicious if you must know with little bits of sweet corn which gave it a really creamy taste, I wanted to know about the cakes and who made them, and where the fish came from. I love to know about the food I’m eating and in this restaurant they do too and they’re very happy to tell you (they all speak English!). This is where the locals go as well as tourists in the know and it has a great atmosphere.


The fish on the menu is local and I have to say, I have never had prawns quite like the ones that were served with a home-made cocktail sauce. Huge and succulent and utterly delicious. If I had eaten nothing else I would have been happy. Of course, that didn’t happen. A fabulous fish stew with mussels and a creamy sauce came next and I’ve got to tell you, it’s one of the best I’ve ever had.


I had no room for more but when the sweet cart came round, everything made by hand by the patisserie chef onsite, well, I just thought it would have been rude not to!

Scrumptious, delicious, mouth-watering, moreish – I’ll be back, this is a great restaurant.

Le Channel Restaurant Calais

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