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A Paris Photographer

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Paris is the city of light, love and Romance, one of the most popular places in the world and one of the most photographed cities ever. A recent survey of brides showed that Paris is one of the top locations for dream engagements, marriages, proposals or for a romantic holiday with a loved one.

paris photographerKrystal from Pasadena, Maryland, grew up in the Chesapeake Bay area, spending her summers at the beach. She says her mother “always had a camera in our faces as children, this drove me crazy!” but when she grew up she became the woman with a camera everywhere! Krystal worked as a photographer in Washington D.C., Baltimore and Annapolis photographing weddings and portraits, but when she fell under the spell of Paris she decided to give up her business and life in the US to move to the city of light. There she fell in “love with a Frenchy, Jacques” and set up her own photography company, sharing her knowledge of fabulous city locations with her clients and making sure they go home with a unique memento of their special moment captured on camera.

We talk to Krystal about Paris, photography and inspiration…

What motivated you to move to Paris?

My business was really blossoming in Maryland. I was freelancing for several companies and running my own successful portrait and wedding photo business, but in my heart I longed for something more. I had always wanted to be an international photographer and I thought what better way to start than to move abroad. Everyone thought I was crazy to move to a country where I didn’t speak the language and knew no one and even more all by myself!….I guess what truly inspired me in the end was the need for adventure and chasing my dreams.

What inspires you in Paris?

paris photographerInspiration is everywhere in this city. It truly is a photographer’s dream land. Just walking the streets and discovering hidden passageways, the way the sun reflects on the seine, the ornate architecture whose walls hold centuries of secrets and life. It’s almost impossible not to be inspired daily in this magnificent utopia.

I love Paris because I am constantly brought to life by this city. I never have a shortage of artistic inspiration, food choices, or walking tours.

I am also a bit of a history buff and love incorporating little bits of information on my romantic portrait tours of the city. I have taken as many history tours as humanly possible and love sharing this knowledge with clients. This truly is the city of love for me because I found love here with my own Frenchy! Whether you’re looking for love or celebrating your own love story this city provides a beautiful atmosphere.


Do you have favourite locations in Paris to take photos?

paris photographer

I love photographing around the unique gardens of Paris. Especially Luxembourg and the Tuileries. I also love the Île Saint-Louis. But, mostly I enjoy taking couples on little mini tours around the city. For a lot of couples it’s their first time in Paris, and I feel truly honored to help them discover the best landscapes and secrets of Paris while providing them with gorgeous professional photos.

Do you have different locations for day/night shots?

paris photographer

I love to take natural light photographs so I tend to work during the day. Early morning is my favorite time because each location takes on a whole new personality depending on the lighting. Also it’s a good way to avoid the masses of tourists when we begin super early or during a weekday.

Do clients typically know some locations they want to be filmed at?

paris photographer

Almost all clients want to be photographed in front of the Eiffel Tower, which is totally understandable! But, I try to capture the tower behind them in different parts of the city instead of going directly to the tower itself. The tower makes a gorgeous backdrop and of course is symbol of the city, but I like to help clients explore some classic parts of Paris as well, such as old cobblestone backstreets and little cafés, perhaps open their eyes to more of the city’s many opportunities.

paris photographerRecently I photographed a romantic portrait session with a couple from Virginia. They weren’t getting married or even engaged but instead were celebrating their 3 year wedding anniversary. I found this completely charming and thought what a fabulous idea! What better excuse to come to the city of romance and celebrate an already beautiful love affair and take home a unique memento to keep forever.

Favourite place in Paris to unwind after work?

I often find myself close to Pont Neuf Bridge. There’s this charming little park below the bridge right at the end of the island. Often times it’s quiet and it’s a great place to get a view of both sides of the River Seine and the passing boats and the beautiful bridges. This is a city made for people watching, and that is a calming place to unwind and watch life go on around you.

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