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Roquefort butter and walnuts French canape recipe

Roquefort cheese and butter on a wooden tray with some shelled walnuts

Roquefort butter (Roquefort beurre in French) is really easy to make and utterly delicious. You don’t have to add walnuts but they do give a certain je ne sais quoi to a very simple dish. This recipe is from my neighbour Madame Bernadette in my little village in rural northern France. She is famous for her party food and this is one of her favourite go-to recipes.

How to make Roquefort butter

70g softened butter
100g Roquefort at room temperature
Teaspoon Cognac (optional)

Crush the Roquefort and butter with a fork, to make a paste. Then add the cognac.

Smother on crackers or blinis, small pieces of bread or toast.

Sprinkle with crushed walnuts.

Perfect pairing: Roquefort and wine

Glass of wine and Roquefort cheese

Roquefort is a rich, strong, sheep milk cheese. It has a salty tangy flavor that calls for a rich wine that can stand up to its structure and bold flavors. Sauternes wine goes really well with Roquefort cheese. This sweet white wine, said to be “wine of kings and king of wines” by Louis XIV, is the ideal candidate for Roquefort. Botrytis Cinerea or “noble rot”  is a fungi that develops on the grapes only in very specific conditions. It acts as a sugar and flavor intensifier, and brings to life a luscious wine with honey and exotic fruits aromas, lively acidity and great structure and complexity.

The intensity of this wine will stand up to Roquefort’s bold character, while the savoury cheese will make the fruit of the wine shine. The combination of both will make for a perfect mouth-coating experience. And the acidity of the wine invites another bite. The walnuts will add some crunchy texture and will be met with nutty flavours in the wine. Enjoy!

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