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Staying at Puy du Fou theme park in France

The Roman show at Puy du Fou amazing historic theme park France

Although it’s described as a theme park there are no rides here. Instead think more along the lines of Universal Studios as there are several shows to be wowed at. And, they will astound you – no matter what your age.

Romans, Pirates and Pianos at Puy du Fou

This is one of the most amazing attractions I have ever been to. The shows here literally bring various periods of history to life in stunning and mesmerising fashion. Highlights for my family included the Roman Les Signe du Triumphe show which featured simulated deaths, blood, fighting, kidnaps, rescues, chariots, tigers and real lions circulating around the top of the arena fences.

Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes, or the Ballet of the Birds, was an astounding visual spectacle. It included falcons, vultures and owls which appeared from a large air balloon in the sky and swooped down to perform in the arena above, and close, to our heads.

Hawk sitting on the gloved hand of a bird of prey expert at Puy du Fou theme park, France

The award-winning Dernier Panache show, which is the only spectacle of its kind in the world, was also awesome. It sees the audience rotate 360° in their seats as the action unfolds on different sets to tell the tale of a French naval officer in a fight for freedom in 1793.

There are even shows where you’ll witness actors pop up out of the water playing pianos, as well as gliding across a lake. And, there are pirates which appear to be statues appearing on a boat popping up out of the water only to come to life and fight.

Also expect to see stunts, fire and even explosions. Puy du Foy is also where the world’s biggest night-time show unfolds.

Staying at Puy du Fou

Castle like entrance to the Citadelle Hotel, Puy du France Theme Park France

Cinescenie (for which a separate ticket is needed) tells the moving story of Vendee from the uprising of 1793 up to the Battle of Verdun in the Second World War. A very powerful, emotive, visually stunning and impressive spectacle, it played out for over an hour and a half, and featured 2,000 actors and 24,000 costumes on a stage spread over 23 hectares. It also includes fire, fireworks, stunts, gunshots, fighting, rebellion, live animals like horses, geese, sheep, lambs, donkeys, as well as angels dancing on the lake before rising several feet into the air, illuminated dancing fountains, colourful floats, 3D video projections and drones.

As Puy do Foy was nearly a two-hour drive from our first accommodation we opted to stay in the park for two nights to make the most of our visit staying in the fabulous medieval-themed La Citadelle Hotel. This was in effect a replica castle, so my nine-year-old daughter was in seventh heaven and absolutely loved every minute of our stay here, as did the rest of us.

Our fabulous hotel room featured oak beds, gothic lanterns, an old fashioned wooden toilet, a king size bed in the master bedroom, flat screen TV, chaise longue, safe, and set of bunk beds in a separate curtained-off room, and a large wet room style bathroom with a rain shower. We ate in several themed restaurants across the site which were either buffet style or featured a children’s menu, and all was cooked well and tasty.

Puy du Fou gets a huge thumbs up as a top family visit in France!

Justine Halifax is a multi award-winning writer and has worked as a journalist and feature writer for the Birmingham Mail, Birmingham Post and Sunday Mercury.

Justine and her family stayed with Madame Vacances at Le Mas de St-Hilaire with Summer France in Vendée for five nights and at La Citadelle Hotel at Puy du Fou for two nights. She travelled to and from France with DFDS Seaways

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