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Camping and caravanning in France

Cottage on a campsite in France, surrounded by plants and trees

Pretty much every village and town in France will boast at least one campsite.  It’s an immensely popular form of holidaying for the French and there are many thousands of people who visit France to spend their holidays under canvas or metal!

France is a camper’s dream come true with so much opportunity for camping, and such a huge range of options – from basic with just the essentials – to full comfort such as ready to move into tents and caravans – to the most luxurious glamping residences such as yurts, tree houses or tepees.

The Fédération Françoise de Camping et de Carvaning  published  the following interesting facts and figures:

  • Camping is the No. 1 type of holiday in France
  • Camping in France comes second only to the numbers of those camping in the U.S.
  • There were 104 million overnight campsite stays in 2010
  • There are 3 million beds available on campsites in France
  • There are around 6 million French campers per anum
  • There are around 2 million foreign campers, mostly Dutch, Germans and British
  • France is No. 1 in Europe and represents 37% of European campsites with as much land as Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain combined
  • There are dozens of ways that you can enjoy an outdoor holiday and lots of helpful tips we can give you.
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