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The French Alphabet

You might think that the French alphabet for English speakers is not a problem. You might be wrong! We heard from someone that they had an interesting visit to Brico Depot – the huge DIY store chain. Thanks to not knowing how to pronounce the letter of the alphabet in French they had a problem. They were trying to order their kitchen units from the display – the units were labelled as I, E, A, L etc. When they asked for the E labelled products they were given the I labelled products instead and it became clear that they’d have to resort to pointing as there was utter confusion all round pretty quickly.

So here is our quick and simple guide to how to say the letters of the French alphabet – in French!

A a
B bay
C say
D day
E er
F ef
G jay
H ash
I ee
J jee
K ka
L el
M em
N en
O oh
P pay
Q kew
R air
S es
T tay
U ew
V vay
W doubluh vay
X eex
Y ee grek
Z zed


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